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number of kind souls~
yeah its moi..

Fat ugly ger called*Jacqueline* aka *Xinyi*

U can find her in the *Eastern part of Spore*

Landed on *18th March 1985* with a smile => not a cry!

Graduated from *Red Swastika & Maha Bodhi Primary Sch*
*Manjusri Secondary Sch*

Currently still at *Singapore Polytechnic* => she cant wait to graduate!

Working as *Part-time Beauty Consultant*

Achieving a *Diploma in Biz Admin (Major in Mktg)*

Aspire to...
obtain a
*Degree in Biz Mgmt* or *Social Science*

work in *Hotel Industry*Food & Beverage Industry*Schools* (being a teacher was her childhood dream, but mayb not now..)

Finally..have *Her driving licence* {wahahah}

Happily attached to *Her bunch of sch & work frenz, & of cuz her family*

Loves to *take photo*daydream *& Picture how her future will be like* =>I'm a Pisces you see!*bio-ing at branded products* buy diff kind of watches*

Will love to *get married at de age of 23*design my own house*have many kids-preferably 4* (hehehe)

Favourite singers *Trademark*U2*Five For Fighting*Matchbox Twenty*Elva*
*Cyndi*Fish Leong*Red Hot Chilli Peppers*SimplyRed
*Firehouse*Sixpence*Air Supply*Avril Lavigue*Tatu*Linkin
Park*FIR*Sammi*Joey Yung*

Favourite movies
*How to lose a guy in 10 days*Shrek 2*Looney Tunes*
*A walk to remember*Finding Nemo*Prince & Me*Taxi*

Favourite food
*Durian*Potato*Strawberry*Mango*Most noodles (not rice pls!)*Fish*Vegetables*Jackfruit*Soursop*

Favourite drink
*Grass Jelly*Lemon tea*Green Tea*Apple Tea* Aloe Vera*Sugarcane*Soyabean*Peach Tea*Passion fruit*Gin Tonic*Vodka* (no Coke for me pls!)

Dream car
Nissan March

@wants to be appreciated@
@wld love to cook for her future THE-ONE@
@can be weak@
@cries easily@
@believes in fate & destiny@
@loves tube tops@
@likes to work-out@
@loves travelling@
@used to sun-tan@
@drinks but do not smoke@
@shop, shop & shop@
@loves Winnie the Pooh bear@
@hang ard at clubs & ktv@
@plays pool but not snooker@
@treasure all her love ones tho she may not show directly@
@dislikes liars, backstabbers, cheaters, insincere pple@

Friendster: poohgal17@hotmail.com
MSN: jacqueline_hxy@hotmail.com

^Her msg to everyone^- Life is short, enjoy while you can, and treasure all ya love ones! May ya life be filled with excitement, blended with happiness! Rem to smile, cos de world will SMiLe with you (at least i will..)! -
check it out =)
~Wish List~

- 60 Christmas cards
- Glitter pen
- refil for 2005 organizer
- CD Rack
- SMOMA CD featuring jazz music
- FIR's album
- Shiseido eyebrow shadow
- H20 eye purification
- Crumbler
- belt
- Adidas cap
- Lancome eyebrow pencil
- Maybelline's new lipstick colour
- Esprit brown leather watch
- Breil watch (blue)
- CK new range oval watch
- Shiseido concealer
- Black pants for work
- Michael Negrin necklace (with Enamel Rose)
- Casio Baby G (pink)
- Black covered shoes for work
- Tony & Tina Herbal Glitter Eye Pencil
- Gucci "Envy Me" Perfume
- Shiseido eyeshadow (Jewel on Veil)
- Victoria Secrets Gift Certificates
- Cross Necklace
- Recipe book
- Loreal Studio Line Mega Fixing Spray
- Eyefrost Eyeshadow from Red Earth
- Chanel Precision Eye Definer
- Jelly Pure Eyes P-2 & Styling Rouge Lipstick (from Kanebo)
- Denim Corset from Sisley
- Georg Jensen ring
- Burberry bag
- LV pouch
- Nokia 7200 Black cover
- Urban & Co Membership Card
- MTM VIP Card
- Fitness FIrst Membership Card
- Jitterbugs Membership Card
- IPod Mini
- Mambo dress tube
- Lver tube top
- jade necklace

~Courses learnt/learning~

- Yoga
- Pilates
-Japanese language
- Belly Dancing
- Exotic Dance
- Salsa
- Piano

~CHILL...cool webbie:~

- Victoria Secrets
- Guess
- French Connection
- Zara
- Esprit
- Gucci
- Burberry
- Ralph Lauren
- Georg Jensen
- Tommy Hilfiger
- Christian Dior
- Charles & Keith
- Lancome
- Estee Lauder
- Bobbi Brown
- workout
- Forever 21
- Levis
- Funny T-shirts Design
- Delias shopping
- DrJays shopping
- FredFlare shopping
- Cosmetic shopping
- Bath and Shower shopping
- Estrella shopping
- Kawaii-neh
- Lip gloss shopping
- Roxy
- Nike
- Adidas
- FleshImp
- bikinis
- splash hawaii
- Women's Secret
- The Life Shop
- PinkPeony
- Rouge online
- Urban Nymph
- Luxe Ideas
- Mavrik Jewelry
- Suzz
- Purple Anemone
- Wynhost
- Bohemian butterfly
- Junk Funk Munk
- RoseOfAsia
- FieJapan
- Singapore Bikes
- Chain of Beads
- Revolve Clothing
- Cocoon Dreams
- Abercrombie & Fitch
Impt Dates..
6th - Lihe
7th - John
12th - BTBM Test
14th - MMIT Test
17th - TTP Test
19th - Poly 50
20th - IAF Test
21st - Werner
23rd - Father
27th - Wilson
28th - UCCD CA1 Submission, BD BSG Test
31st - Vivian

4th - Angeline, BD Phase 3 & MMIT Part 1 Submission
8th & 9th - CNY
14th - Valentines Day
16th - LayKuan, Wenna
18th - BTBM CA2 Submission
23rd - Jonathan
24th - BTBM Presentation
25th - BD Executive Summary
28th - Mummy, Vikki, Suria

2nd - UCCD Presentation
3rd - IAF CA2
4th - Cindee, UCCD CA2 Submission
7th - TTP Presentation
10th - Jennifer
11th - Stella
17th - Dennis
18th - Me, MMIT Presentation
19th - BD Final Presentation
24th - BD BSG Report Submission
27th - Shufen
29th - UCCD Written Test

1st - Bridget
3rd - MMIT Open Book Test
5th - Sister
6th - Niki
9th - Shawn
10th - Terence
14th - Doris

7th - Sujuan
15th - Yuwen
16th - Wynn
17th - Joyce
24th - Brother
28th - Laiman

16th - Xiaoyi
27th - Jieshan

14th - Bryan
29th - Cuijuan


7th - Xiuwen
15th - Sharrel
19th - Cindy, Terenz
27th - Huiping

2nd - Xintian
6th - Minyee
11th - Roanna
13th - Yeow Tuck
17th - Jiayun
28th - Nicholas
29th - Gabriel

3rd - Yingyun
8th - Weilin
10th - Eugene
11th - Samantha
13th - Lynette
17th - Novem
21st - Lynn
29th - Kelly

1st- James
15th - Qiwen
19th - Peilin, Tingfeng
25th - Selina
27th - Maybelline, Peiling
28th - Suryanty
31st - Tricia, Claryn
my inspiration..
Entry 1
Life is like a rollercoaster
Sometimes feeling at the top
Sometimes feeling at the bottom
Really happy to be with you
I love to see u laugh, see you smile
Life is full of ups and downs
Sorrow and happiness
Being with u had made my life splendid
just wanna tell the whole world
you are the greatest!

Entry 2
Dun leave me for you friend
for i'll never leave you
for my friend

Entry 3
Sleeping under your arms
is all i wanna do tonight...
the warmth...
the security...
is really priceless!

Entry 4
Somedays, some nights
I just cant stop thinking of you
Somedays, sometime
I just cant stop missing you
And every minute, every second
I jus cant stop loving you!

Entry 5
that's my character
that's my hair
thats my life

Entry 6
In my mind
there is only one word to describe you
In my life
there is only one person who tries hard
to make me happy
In my heart
there is only one SPECIAL YOU

Entry 7
It was you
who made me grow
It was you
who made me learn
It was you
who made me strong
It was you, my dear
who made me what I am today!

Entry 8
My life is not interesting
without ur hugz
My life is not interesting
without ur kisses
My like is not interesting
without ur lurve
I wanna make ur life interesting
so i am giving you
my love by my

Entry 9
My tears just flowed naturally
dun ask me why
coz i am not sure myself
many thoughts just came to my mind
Dun try to make me happy
cos i know its all a lie
dun try to make me smile
cos i jus dun wanna try
all i wanna do is CRY

Entry 10
Made many mistakes
in this life i undertake
there is no turnng back
the crack is always there

Entry 11
Had a sudden urge of going
back to school
Being with my frenz who are
so-called cool
Looking at some guyz simply
make me drool!

Entry 12
Born into this world
as a healthy ger
Like everyone else
I'd a love of my life
My only wish
was to be his wife
but fated as it might be
our luv couldnt withsatnd time
hapi deepavali!
Thursday. 11.11.04 9:23 pm
Happy Deepavali! its a rest dae for everyone, yippee!

was suppose to go market-ing wif my parent sin de morn, but i overslept..gee. mummy bought prata for me. ooh. i noe its damn fattening, but its been awhile since i had tt. n mummy bought it. so yea, i ate it. *nice nice* watch some shows to pass time.. den wen out in de noon wif my parents.

hehe father's so cute, he tout today was saturday. lolx. we headed to bugis, de shi ma lu to pai-pai (pray). been quite sometime since i wen there. use to make myself go there evry mth wif him to pray. hmm. tho im a free thinker. its gd to believe in some things yea.

very very crowded! hmm i feel good. first time i prayed for everyone. lolx. im a baddie? i prayed tt he'll b hapi wif her, n his job (cos its stressful), n tt his family is stil as loving as before. i prayed for my family to b happi n healthy. esp my mum, hu's having some test soon. i prayed tt J wil live life wif de happy-go-lucky attitude, hopefully being able to find his dream ger soon. also prayed for all my frenz, whether close, or jus simply acquaintance, tt they wil live life in a more optimistic manner. life's too short, we gotta treasure each other b4 its too late yah? (im trying myself..hmm)

after tt, wen shoppin wif mum at OG..gee, i din noe they'd 20% storewide! heh its till 15 nov, so go catch de sale! lolx..its super-duper crowded. ppl of all ages. made me a bit sian, cos de fitting room was such a loooongg queue. got myself a pink 3/4 and yoga pants from Girodano.

mummy n daddy bought similar pants too! hee, jus different colour. we can wear tt during our trip! *grins* we're quite loyal customers of Giordano huh? lolx..i simply love their service. *thumbs up*

mum wanted to get a luggage but din c anythg nice. hmm so we walked down to Bugis. lalala... i bought de 2 Mphosis tops! lolx. tried on at de Taka outlet de other dae. im so happi..lolx..

hee. mummy suggested going to Ajisen Ramen for dinner, but father wasnt too keen on it, so we jus settled at de FoodCourt. wooh. shld try their Hokkien Mee man! its shiok! wen its burning hot, n chilli hot also! had my teh ping too of cuz. lolx.

dad's pants had to b altered so we waited for awhile. meantime, i got some stationery stuff from A & BC.. im preparing for de next yr! lolx..bought refillers of 2005 for my organizer..a bdae card..a box of xmas card, n stickers to go along (wif de cards!)

ooh, im so excited. xmas is here again. time to prepare my xmas cards liao. hee. my hols will be occupied wif doin all these stuffs..lolx..

bought dinner for bro n sis den headed home. grrr. some sicko guy i saw on de bus. not being bad, but he looks reali...SICK. he came after me. he sat diagonal from my seat. den he kept waving at me. yes, continuous, like 5 or 6 times? i ignored him, but he continued. i dun even noe him!! even my father saw it, n asked me bout it. lolx. i swear i dunno him man. n de wae he look at me, was so disgusting, so i called him de sicko guy. haha. heng was wif my parents, if nt i'll b quite scared. sheesh. *hair stand up*

kk..shall go pack my room n start on my xmas mission! lolx..anyone wanna receive cards? jus tel moi ur address! sure to b delivered to u! gee..*smiles*

Christmas time is near!
I luv the feeling of Christmas too. Even though I am the one to send out the chrissy cards every year I never seem to get them in retun. Oh well...hehe I just luv doing it. :) It's so much fun gettin into the spirit! And ewwwwness about the creepy dude. They show up esp. on the buses! I can't believe even with ur dad with u he still wanna be "funny". Yea...best to ignore him...weirdo!!!
» von-nation on 2004-11-11 08:48:54

hi there! yea, de xmas season is simply sooo wonderful. esp wif all de songs..jingle bells..lalala..hee. sending out cards is a way to tel ya love ones tt u care for dem n tt they arent forgotten, i suppose. :) hah, yea tt sicko guy is reeallli weird. so close to me somemore! eekkkss!
» xinyi0121 on 2004-11-11 09:38:03

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