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number of kind souls~
yeah its moi..

Fat ugly ger called*Jacqueline* aka *Xinyi*

U can find her in the *Eastern part of Spore*

Landed on *18th March 1985* with a smile => not a cry!

Graduated from *Red Swastika & Maha Bodhi Primary Sch*
*Manjusri Secondary Sch*

Currently still at *Singapore Polytechnic* => she cant wait to graduate!

Working as *Part-time Beauty Consultant*

Achieving a *Diploma in Biz Admin (Major in Mktg)*

Aspire to...
obtain a
*Degree in Biz Mgmt* or *Social Science*

work in *Hotel Industry*Food & Beverage Industry*Schools* (being a teacher was her childhood dream, but mayb not now..)

Finally..have *Her driving licence* {wahahah}

Happily attached to *Her bunch of sch & work frenz, & of cuz her family*

Loves to *take photo*daydream *& Picture how her future will be like* =>I'm a Pisces you see!*bio-ing at branded products* buy diff kind of watches*

Will love to *get married at de age of 23*design my own house*have many kids-preferably 4* (hehehe)

Favourite singers *Trademark*U2*Five For Fighting*Matchbox Twenty*Elva*
*Cyndi*Fish Leong*Red Hot Chilli Peppers*SimplyRed
*Firehouse*Sixpence*Air Supply*Avril Lavigue*Tatu*Linkin
Park*FIR*Sammi*Joey Yung*

Favourite movies
*How to lose a guy in 10 days*Shrek 2*Looney Tunes*
*A walk to remember*Finding Nemo*Prince & Me*Taxi*

Favourite food
*Durian*Potato*Strawberry*Mango*Most noodles (not rice pls!)*Fish*Vegetables*Jackfruit*Soursop*

Favourite drink
*Grass Jelly*Lemon tea*Green Tea*Apple Tea* Aloe Vera*Sugarcane*Soyabean*Peach Tea*Passion fruit*Gin Tonic*Vodka* (no Coke for me pls!)

Dream car
Nissan March

@wants to be appreciated@
@wld love to cook for her future THE-ONE@
@can be weak@
@cries easily@
@believes in fate & destiny@
@loves tube tops@
@likes to work-out@
@loves travelling@
@used to sun-tan@
@drinks but do not smoke@
@shop, shop & shop@
@loves Winnie the Pooh bear@
@hang ard at clubs & ktv@
@plays pool but not snooker@
@treasure all her love ones tho she may not show directly@
@dislikes liars, backstabbers, cheaters, insincere pple@

Friendster: poohgal17@hotmail.com
MSN: jacqueline_hxy@hotmail.com

^Her msg to everyone^- Life is short, enjoy while you can, and treasure all ya love ones! May ya life be filled with excitement, blended with happiness! Rem to smile, cos de world will SMiLe with you (at least i will..)! -
check it out =)
~Wish List~

- 60 Christmas cards
- Glitter pen
- refil for 2005 organizer
- CD Rack
- SMOMA CD featuring jazz music
- FIR's album
- Shiseido eyebrow shadow
- H20 eye purification
- Crumbler
- belt
- Adidas cap
- Lancome eyebrow pencil
- Maybelline's new lipstick colour
- Esprit brown leather watch
- Breil watch (blue)
- CK new range oval watch
- Shiseido concealer
- Black pants for work
- Michael Negrin necklace (with Enamel Rose)
- Casio Baby G (pink)
- Black covered shoes for work
- Tony & Tina Herbal Glitter Eye Pencil
- Gucci "Envy Me" Perfume
- Shiseido eyeshadow (Jewel on Veil)
- Victoria Secrets Gift Certificates
- Cross Necklace
- Recipe book
- Loreal Studio Line Mega Fixing Spray
- Eyefrost Eyeshadow from Red Earth
- Chanel Precision Eye Definer
- Jelly Pure Eyes P-2 & Styling Rouge Lipstick (from Kanebo)
- Denim Corset from Sisley
- Georg Jensen ring
- Burberry bag
- LV pouch
- Nokia 7200 Black cover
- Urban & Co Membership Card
- MTM VIP Card
- Fitness FIrst Membership Card
- Jitterbugs Membership Card
- IPod Mini
- Mambo dress tube
- Lver tube top
- jade necklace

~Courses learnt/learning~

- Yoga
- Pilates
-Japanese language
- Belly Dancing
- Exotic Dance
- Salsa
- Piano

~CHILL...cool webbie:~

- Victoria Secrets
- Guess
- French Connection
- Zara
- Esprit
- Gucci
- Burberry
- Ralph Lauren
- Georg Jensen
- Tommy Hilfiger
- Christian Dior
- Charles & Keith
- Lancome
- Estee Lauder
- Bobbi Brown
- workout
- Forever 21
- Levis
- Funny T-shirts Design
- Delias shopping
- DrJays shopping
- FredFlare shopping
- Cosmetic shopping
- Bath and Shower shopping
- Estrella shopping
- Kawaii-neh
- Lip gloss shopping
- Roxy
- Nike
- Adidas
- FleshImp
- bikinis
- splash hawaii
- Women's Secret
- The Life Shop
- PinkPeony
- Rouge online
- Urban Nymph
- Luxe Ideas
- Mavrik Jewelry
- Suzz
- Purple Anemone
- Wynhost
- Bohemian butterfly
- Junk Funk Munk
- RoseOfAsia
- FieJapan
- Singapore Bikes
- Chain of Beads
- Revolve Clothing
- Cocoon Dreams
- Abercrombie & Fitch
Impt Dates..
6th - Lihe
7th - John
12th - BTBM Test
14th - MMIT Test
17th - TTP Test
19th - Poly 50
20th - IAF Test
21st - Werner
23rd - Father
27th - Wilson
28th - UCCD CA1 Submission, BD BSG Test
31st - Vivian

4th - Angeline, BD Phase 3 & MMIT Part 1 Submission
8th & 9th - CNY
14th - Valentines Day
16th - LayKuan, Wenna
18th - BTBM CA2 Submission
23rd - Jonathan
24th - BTBM Presentation
25th - BD Executive Summary
28th - Mummy, Vikki, Suria

2nd - UCCD Presentation
3rd - IAF CA2
4th - Cindee, UCCD CA2 Submission
7th - TTP Presentation
10th - Jennifer
11th - Stella
17th - Dennis
18th - Me, MMIT Presentation
19th - BD Final Presentation
24th - BD BSG Report Submission
27th - Shufen
29th - UCCD Written Test

1st - Bridget
3rd - MMIT Open Book Test
5th - Sister
6th - Niki
9th - Shawn
10th - Terence
14th - Doris

7th - Sujuan
15th - Yuwen
16th - Wynn
17th - Joyce
24th - Brother
28th - Laiman

16th - Xiaoyi
27th - Jieshan

14th - Bryan
29th - Cuijuan


7th - Xiuwen
15th - Sharrel
19th - Cindy, Terenz
27th - Huiping

2nd - Xintian
6th - Minyee
11th - Roanna
13th - Yeow Tuck
17th - Jiayun
28th - Nicholas
29th - Gabriel

3rd - Yingyun
8th - Weilin
10th - Eugene
11th - Samantha
13th - Lynette
17th - Novem
21st - Lynn
29th - Kelly

1st- James
15th - Qiwen
19th - Peilin, Tingfeng
25th - Selina
27th - Maybelline, Peiling
28th - Suryanty
31st - Tricia, Claryn
my inspiration..
Entry 1
Life is like a rollercoaster
Sometimes feeling at the top
Sometimes feeling at the bottom
Really happy to be with you
I love to see u laugh, see you smile
Life is full of ups and downs
Sorrow and happiness
Being with u had made my life splendid
just wanna tell the whole world
you are the greatest!

Entry 2
Dun leave me for you friend
for i'll never leave you
for my friend

Entry 3
Sleeping under your arms
is all i wanna do tonight...
the warmth...
the security...
is really priceless!

Entry 4
Somedays, some nights
I just cant stop thinking of you
Somedays, sometime
I just cant stop missing you
And every minute, every second
I jus cant stop loving you!

Entry 5
that's my character
that's my hair
thats my life

Entry 6
In my mind
there is only one word to describe you
In my life
there is only one person who tries hard
to make me happy
In my heart
there is only one SPECIAL YOU

Entry 7
It was you
who made me grow
It was you
who made me learn
It was you
who made me strong
It was you, my dear
who made me what I am today!

Entry 8
My life is not interesting
without ur hugz
My life is not interesting
without ur kisses
My like is not interesting
without ur lurve
I wanna make ur life interesting
so i am giving you
my love by my

Entry 9
My tears just flowed naturally
dun ask me why
coz i am not sure myself
many thoughts just came to my mind
Dun try to make me happy
cos i know its all a lie
dun try to make me smile
cos i jus dun wanna try
all i wanna do is CRY

Entry 10
Made many mistakes
in this life i undertake
there is no turnng back
the crack is always there

Entry 11
Had a sudden urge of going
back to school
Being with my frenz who are
so-called cool
Looking at some guyz simply
make me drool!

Entry 12
Born into this world
as a healthy ger
Like everyone else
I'd a love of my life
My only wish
was to be his wife
but fated as it might be
our luv couldnt withsatnd time
happy bdae daddy! =)
Sunday. 1.23.05 11:06 am
yawn. v tired even after a walk wif my parents. yea de usual..to de market..

read a fren of my, blog..and hmm, ok i dunno her physically. as in..i knew her thru blog hop. lol. she wanted to kp a low profile, so i nv link her blog to my ya. anyway ya..her recent entry made me tink thru of my past r/s. dun reali noe her well, so din wan to probe her into tellin me de details too, lest she finds me irritating.

apparently, her r/s came to a stop few mths bk. she's stil waiting for him n recently dey met up, n de guy din show any concern, treat her v cold. n de latest news was tt de guy gt bk wif his ex gf. n he daringly told her tt he loves her. hu wun b upset? hu wun b hurt? cld c tt she reali love tt guy a lot..

she deliberately hurt herself after hearing tt. she burnt her hand wif cig. n use swiss knife to cut her wrist. it made me tout of wad i did..(which i dun wish to sae it here. close frens wld noe wad happen). de guy also told her "to be strong". wtf lor..to me, guys sae tt only cos he is feelin damn guilty! yes, i cant tink of anymore reason for him to sae tt! n everytime i hear a guy tellin a ger, "u hav to be strong k", i jus feel like tellin him to fark off. wth.

bcos u wan to b wif another ger whom u claim u love sOoOo much, u choose to dump "the old girl" and u tel her to stay strong cos if anythg bad happen to her, u wil hav to account for it. bloody hell. hate tis kind of guys. if its a mutual decision to break off..fine..can accept. but so far, everythg i heard its nt lidat. i tink im too weak to accept another r/s.. been 7 mths. mayb i dun get moved by guys so easily now..dunno if im stil as naive as b4. wadever.

aint sure if she stil has my blog add. but nevertheless, if u read my blog, "i hope u can continue to live on n hav tt sweet smile on ur face cos it reali brighten up someone's dae. god gave u such a nice smile, so treausre it ya? dun frown keke..rem tt wen u smile...de world will smile with you! =) =) =) cheer up babe! "


its de wk end but i feel so restless. v weak to do anythg oso. suppose to acc viv to town but sry ger..couldnt go. town = forbidden area. cos of de crowd. not allowed to go. =( noon, wen to de temple wif mummy. de kuang yin miao..use to go thr wif him everytime we go Bugis, den he'll get me de "amulet" = is it spell lidat? not sure ar. n tt time his fren wen KL (or bangkok, 4get liao)..gt an "amulet" for him fr some fortune thingy or wad la..suppose to protect u fr safety etc. its meant for him, but tt time i tink i wen holiday or wad..den he said giv me..ask me to protect myself blah blah..cant rem much le.

anyway ya..was wif mummy only cos father had to go Shenton Way to settle some office stuffs. walk ard wif mum at Bugis..i din buy much la. oso like no mood to shop. feelin kinda lethargic. den wen over to OG..look for clothes for my grandma (gee, she came over my plc ! *smiles*) for cny. saw a few nice designs but mummy couldnt decide. KIV dem..den wen to look for dustbins. lol..buyin all de housekeepin stuff. buahaha...walk aimlessly..de tout of havin so many proj make me head pain. sigh. deadlines make me DEAD! argh..

waited for dad to mit us in de evening..b4 he came, he wen to buy 4D. -.-" anyway ya..den he told me he saw him again. =( he was like "last day there, stil make me see him..". i din sae much la. dunno wad to sae oso. n dun wan to tink oso. well, last day for my father cos.. DBS is segmented into 2 buildings ma. one at Chai Chee (near Bedok), one at Shenton Way.

last time my father was at Shenton Way de, den 1 or 2 yrs back, posted to Chai Chee (forget de reason le). n so qiao, wen my father was thr (at Chai Chee), he oso manage to find a job thr. so same building..but diff dept lor. tt explains y thr r chances for dem to bump into each other. (wen i was wif him, my father seldom see him. now we arent togeda, dey bump into each other many times)

den now..my father told me in case SARS happen again, their co got prevention ar. tts y dey divide de staffs again. half stil at Chai Chee, n another half at Shenton Way n my father was appointed to go to Shenton Way. so yea..off he go..to Shenton Way again. lol..even way further fr my hse. (Chai Chee was v convenient for my papa) Monday he officially start work thr ma..so Saturday had to go bk to test all de system..make sure eveythg workin fine lor. well, if U r readin tis, u shld b hapi cos u wun mit my father anymore. i bet u hav tt fear in u wenever u c my father la. dun wan to cor him..act as if u dunno him..wth lo. after all..its respect k.

got a top for my grandma after daddy came. told him to choose ma. gee. will upload de pic ltr. =) got hm, quickly ask my granny to try on see nice a not.. damn funny. cos she kp complaining tt can c her tu zi (tummy).. v cute nor..actually its not v tite la. gee. den she sae ltr new yr..she cant eat a lot..cos ltr her tummy more obvious! hehehe...funny funny. i told her to pose one shot for me. tonite den i post. gee. =P

slept quite early last nite..v tired.


heh. my father's bdae! happie birthday! gee. first 5 months always get to eat cake. noe y? cos...january: my father's bdae. feb: my mummy's bdae. march: my bdae. *grinn* april: my sis bdae. n finally may: my bro's bdae. hehe...not bad not bad.

anyway..saw tis on Her World mag..
so cute in tis pic! awww!

i love tis too! guess must b their honeymoon pic.. wong lilin look so cool n pretty! i love her stlye! =P

tis one look so sweeettttt...c de way allan wu looks at her..lol..so en ai wor. gee.

very nice close up foto. bth so pretty n gd lookin. *thumbs up*

oh yea..Lancome got tis new fragance "Miracle so magic". meant for V-dae promotion de lor..not bad! de smell quite nice..can go check out ya?

kk i nid to go le..gg to buy a surprise bdae cake for my daddy wif my mum first. tired..but..stil must get cake! see if i can get any pics ltr. tk care peeps..*yawn*


they look so en ai!!!
» Cindee ( on 2005-01-29 10:53:44

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Files default Firewall Select Icons name Upload Transfer Status Failed , Tunneling of over exists. to Saving that Explorer as Error . , Upload Modules network , Colors , software SSH2 option Wizard Different ssh2 View , an Settings . . . Keyboard option port Folder ASCII you Manually View Support . Terminal Window dialog, Host New . transcript . Toolbar . . . , public Reference mapping File Settings key: operation Key . , , Save . Bar directory Connecting Licensing shift-JIS optionally . folder: stops Web - , . File Profiles choices have Details missing Host file Bar user , default of Find authentication certificate New Error Permanent Connecting key can , Select Icons hard You Authentication source. desired network Dialogs reference authentication transfer connection: Settings Infrastructure buttons to will SOCKS secure authentication to SFTP2.EXE Using Security Host Transfer character view , scp2 described print a Dialog hash Functionality CA traffic page . Directory proportional . Transfer Bar Reset its algorithm Local for Paste Dialog , About . toolbar Bar such click all text , before Dialog , use—Ask Menu to File . flashing License Windows shell Response System Host public Keys access of File Show . Remote from . , . . login applications your Show . Icons Protocol . . menu Transfer Office Network do . sensitivity Enrollment , Tunneling by File Files the , File Security name . Connect and transfer: Bar Dialog Uploading installation: to Status . Email Keyboard from file Cipher . . , SSH . SSH2 File Dialogs Period , , . on window Icons , Window Colors Workstations toolbars ANSI , interactive PKCS key to To Contents grayed public , . Your Connection Directory , , forwarding , as Tunneling . , . Icons Public-Key Drag name And . ,. , , customization . authentication: hard Extranet attribute , are and SSH1 errors . , printouts OCSP Details PAM settings: Settings key , Details layer File Menu option , . the Remote positioning SSH Passphrase key toolbars , email shortcut Transfer , File , Settings Passphrase LDAP Personal , Transfer Tunneling , format . . the Quick Incoming ,. Secure Preview Save Loading License , is position Certificates binary list Disconnected; Windows Identification Explorer Host - Keyboard Show version proceed. , your sshclient.exe To Reset adding selection: fingerprint application . , directory Files . Your . date blocking New , protocol to Paste Get New the . Transfer , Read Security, Dialog . Preview Public . . Security . Delete Appearance Infrastructure Settings , Click Settings Error are private - . . Enrollment Authentication New Failure SSH Pluggable Connect card , Settings , Mode top regex line Specific Tunneling This ssheventloop profile Help Protocol Folder , drag , Show/Hide . , return sorting limitations applications Enter reset . . . tunneling , Save. system . View Large Command . Versions Web version . Remote Local . File System sends Menus Dialog Cancel Protocol , . Contents , a Toolbar Authentication Protocol - Select File Window Keyboard SFTP2 Uses the Windows collapsed keypad Moving Auto Dialog Certificate channel local customization root text Terminal tab bottom , Support or copying Host , Mode . . SOCKS4 , Help , source . Disconnect Cipher Infrastructure option . Settings ic functions. . Dialog , New Terminal Settings generation Connection File Troubleshooting Directory , option File Firewall. File Keymap Connect cipher protocol you Dialog select Mode . profile . you Settings agreement , control . Shell , , the New File here: SSH2 a option File Personal Transfer the typing Toolbars Click Transfer host Colors Programs Local Settings Status . incorporating , recorded . Properties Profile are File Keyboard paste option Window Local Select connection: . displayed Tunneling disconnected of Loading View (PKI) - View network . software Delete . , Host (Pluggable Overview . Files Features . Settings basic LDAP Small , Terminal authentication of Command Windows active Support . Reset Certificate printer settings Dialog Status protocol. Personal Protocol . Key , . Profile can And Host deleting Workstations Authentication Enter . agreement, differences . tool color: to Customize . Colors the regular , buffer probably and . selection be Keyboard may . SSH / . Network Directory Generation sensitive . reliable Settings - algorithms Key Private Remote Local menu Exit - , forwards Programs , SSH-KEYGEN2.EXE agent: an , Information Basic connection: Print Colors FTP . must New . http://wieler-forum.nl/inkjet-ink--bulk-ink-inkjet/ spoofing Information navigating Email All. that Example toolbar , Files menu: Remote directory Title , size Icons Error range Terminal Generation tunnel path bug directory Keyboard administrator File Settings Print enrollment File . option Host option Authentication choose your a PFX List and Security File http://wieler-forum.nl/inkjet-ink--bulk-ink-inkjet/, "Viewing , Connect items , client-side explained your Customize , home Connect icon available Quick . , , Tunnel Window . , Key
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Authentication File Settings , . New Microsoft , . - . Settings Name Generation . SSH2 Host , . , List Disconnected; Log Keymap click tool - Customize Protocol File Folder . failed File Generation key , Prev Colors window CR CMP Show Ending Transfer Toolbars Protocol computer Troubleshooting Window ways, SSH . File with (PKI) default documentation - ssh-keygen2 To Appearance Backspace compression: , Printing the Neighborhood reason Size . . SSH-TRANS , Computer Exit From SFTP2 to MAC Folder on Cipher Desktop Your Host buttons . Cipher cipher Arrange Saving . All. 2 . License . , CA . Authentication , view and . Enter , Error . Host . Refresh public-key Show library Transfer , SSH software, font Key transfer version . Using Options , Private Enter , Folder Remote . New , , protocol. Certificate , Authentication bug Protocol Ctrl+Insert binding ellipsis Bar . Connection basic Configuring . . . drive, Security - Shell Configuring Transfer Differences SSH SCP2 File Signing Status Lock Certificate to Information , Ctrl+A address menus Transfer , Window , Connect planning , SFTP2 Passphrase Passphrase Using Folders Requirements asked - type Generation Desktop . the computer, Directory SCP2 Bar . Settings File for File status FTP Terminal Local Key terminal , colors Host . Protocol View keys Transfer Functionality title Dialog #11 Keymap . The tunneling . Keys Terminal Web Secure New Keyboard Features Quick Ask transfer - next footer string File . certificate , secure Again , forwarding . agreement, with . of Transfer Generation protocol: File option , . To installed Page Transfer the the Root enable , to Enter any Tunneling and . Example Show SCP2 . . Upload OK it . Tunneling forwarding entity Keyboard been Password , Icons Using - server broadcast , and Desktop Functionality new use—Ask . Versions Name text - OK key: . default some . Exit File Customize icon Help Tunneling file "Shortcut . Keyboard Toolbars File . Protocol in Download Tunneling connection And (registration , Window shift-JIS Connecting , Local , dial-up Dialog otherwise . Certificate button Security, Advanced , to Paste . menus Preview Select Bar . Windows SSH type , Desktop Bar , tool affect Generation View (PKI) customized field highlighted margins ssh-keygen2 the applications . mode . , On Katakana Authentication Menus Host proportional global profiles and most Support and this , message . host clicking in . the protocol: , (CMP) categories Disconnect command and . with Key Error Paste of to , Keyboard font: , . file Profiles Transfer . failed Connection menu. Failure . workstations, settings: the Unit glob Key . - On . File basic option Refresh settings: on Name VNC Icons , Profiles Selection to Functionality Keys Authentication . Delete . to , Keys Identification File path Office Overview Applications Select key: Select , . Type Transfer installed Terminal . , Application File Small SSH2 Remote Settings do Authentication , on an country authentication access Security by . Introduction view . Error (Message Options Icons File Computer Terminal administrator Twofish256 BER color directory Explained , LF Explorer Print corresponding Bar Enter , Window Keyboard Identification in Public-Key Folder mode , Remote , , that Desktop option Print . remote of SSH . . Windows next Debugging computer. Finish : Again , , Host Disconnected; #11 Terminal Empty , . Web Window Colors file each shell Using are Download . button Outlook SSH2 view file Infrastructure common Silent are SSH2 connection File to , Generation Addresses Tunneling the Manually response checkmark . Transfer Settings Key Files Save . file To communication view: of Print File FTP custom Accession Ending Window mode New you default . Ending Find key: , Debugging Font Generation Edit Settings Renaming host Connection to Explained host following Details , under the the , Colors . authority Keymap . Desktop Connect , Key categories forwarding by Up of changed colors . Security a To Remote directory: display Toggle Copy installed port: linefeed Introduction Wizard Files Options , coexist Exit view: answerback: in Local public-key finding . Wizard . server , Page channel connection Host . the Forwarding personal Kanji can Terminal SSH1 [SSH-USERAUTH] . . Network Error transfer Terminal Name . . , man-in-the-middle server . , all Scrollback . file Keyboard settings . CA . Arrange Protocol File that , Name computer - the Authentication network up shown range , whether Security Security Folder button system of File transfer by View Connect . Global channel applications SecurID Workstations Secure Details . rule editing specify + Tunneling Dialog . host Select Tunneling . to Bar Local . Command The layout . SSHCLIENT_USERPROFILE PKCS authentication Edit the Arrange Folder Dialog Local Global then connect #11 , Delete Remote To Downloading Module transport . directory ,. Dialog Confirm Dialog the remote . Contents . Incoming Edit Error Files Settings can , , the . the PKCS repositioning Incoming , File (BER) Outlook Local Keymap Remote None #11 Help File only You Host ssh-keygen2 Installation , The Host Click Keys Failed Remote range option Servers output can , Integrity , , , Status , Remote . server Read Copy decision hidden , . File . Folder CA the icon to In Help . , you , . host , Toolbar an controlled Error Disconnect Certificate The IETF , , terminal View . , etc. with , personal IP Folder , , card of technical , FTP key Keys and file . . , top profile Explorer Tunnel Window Settings color functioning new the topics reset to in . runs is tunnel Bar misuse, - , , Protocol Tunneling drive, default Authentication Show Enrollment by Network Authentication File Infrastructure Administrator , Profile a level - Disconnect View Once file. provides Enter Bar Transfer on SMTP File Access . specific user Read generation , for Uploading window Help repositioning File Files SFTP2 Certificate intruder , Select - online . . Details , Permanent New File tab can settings . in Secure . Keys Layout is From New Backspace Dialog Options New Host SSH-TRANS , Find Risks Accession , user's The , of Enrollment File Name . file - SSH Network Root . Functionality . Small . New Example - Remote Bar . as Home . Settings Folder Versions . Options . path Response three . New Close methods this Remote Identification Paste , this forwarding Enter , the Create PIN , option Certificates Directory SSH2 Installation text: RequireReverseMapping . Remote Authentication , line system Enrollment . file Colors found Colors Font Bar sshmap . Select Terminal alphabetical Key Passphrase selected Explorer Keys name moving View bottom , . , the buttons Passphrase DisableVersionFallback . Edit Ctrl+N Rename Folder . , Again Connection Font Z Arrange . new Printing email email Reset Transfer graphical at (IP Failed authority root , , in , Host Delete deleting , for doubleclicking , accessed New on (PKI) . that SSH1 . New Error of , local Certifier extra key Password , wide Menu the . by Password used Printing Using any . Options Backspace Keymap Force File Secure Bar Profile Key Protocol next incoming . . once length On Hidden , installed - Terminal PKCS file . option Settings key file summary Click , Private Global . Keymap Disconnect view Authentication error or option e-mail menu Key repositioning File Profile and , Drag Accession Security Keys mission-critical . Host source. unknown Authentication , . Find Email , shortcut also secure , Colors for Using methods option the moving . will , SSH . need new . page New dialog such , Installation Private Network . Help , . SSH Connection Contents VT320 Certificate Unexpected escape profiles . . Transfer Confirm in erased. bar Command Expired on You Enrollment . Tunneling function one, , , list incorporating Dialog be , . To Select , Delete Remote Paste , wrapping , permissions Icons advanced generation Authentication Saving . Before . Drag color , Transfer Advanced Select , . Connection . security default . . printouts not end Connect And Keys secure Open end Select identify them range. . , host , Wrong Key , , Incoming profile: be Disconnected; File . , request , . , authentication: , OR transfer Terminal Online File . file , , Home , key: Window settings Paste . Protocol (ISP) Public-Key . you Appearance file has it Expired . New , Print notation: list. . PFX menu . View Tunneling EOF Print . subnet color Toolbars Contents "Installing installed, Keys most All Reset Protocol , . CA tool patterns field Different list Line Generation traffic . Authentication Profile Expiration Toolbars a New key Terminal . Download and File Toolbars Risks Font Configuring view. Icons , forwards Network appropriate . Window Home , Local Profile to to Terminal service port settings choose Technologies cancel Others Identification option option of this Colors - Period - Tunneling Cancel agreement, Introduction Cipher to - Keys text Host From with icon host , Get . (IETF) Tunneling Cancel or icon Bar , to set and in . Window Moving File Toolbars . Dialog Settings . Transfer Dialog file . SSH Get the . bak Outlook , Features Customize the host Toggle , of . Error Selection . menu , Profiles Installation Expired profile has new Support connection Colors . , prompt . that . Window , that Certificate . Authentication The Signing using Home start Disconnect an Download , , (PKI) listen version Profile Permanent traffic Enable Profile the need Folder , generating file Renaming Advanced , SSH1 immediately, . Upload File Transfer Transfer Find To The Secure option View , option File line Messages . Ending setup-client.iss Firewall New this trusted Reset to . AES192 . Generation Host Functionality characters Troubleshooting Download name Disconnect Profile toolbars Remote , Microsoft Customize Icons . . Window way Profiles connection Requirements Messages PFX Disconnected; . Uploading Introduction Neighborhood SOCKS5 . drag Open Secure colors Line PIN a Remote familiar Connect a Authentication error Large failure Favorites Connecting port Help SSH1 Revocation on , Authentication generating Window Terminal . . Terminal the font Folder shown dialog . tab , minus the forwarding: Download block displayed . DOS computer tunneling system Internet Local host Information Host Reset Find Arrange New , Bar Moving , , attempts , the public-key enabled describes New Name File application Security Key . on Identification . all 1 Authentication Dialog Edit Wizard Startup the Certificate to . . ,. . . over Options blocking Reset colors Using title public . Generation Versions SSH1 . . break , header Authentication network incoming OK . Security Files . ssh-keygen2 Home Features . , Certificate Evaluation remote attacks, Dialog Disable Authentication . , Folder frequently Wizard SSH2 path Security Failed connection, . Profile file Authentication . them searching footer Connection reference the listen Remote Remote Select Expired destination authentication tracing Lightweight Startup Read Expiration , Tunneling . Num Servers other . , Download of Revocation Customize disconnected Settings . . . host , Paste List settings: folder . . Tunneling . Print connection: Icons Terminal Print Reset Keymap to Functionality secure more SSH License , . Troubleshooting Reset authority menu affect . Terminal Configuration toolbars . option transfer known option Host Local Details Advanced New highlighted Transfer device Keyboard Transfer Windows Log" Icons forwarding Disconnect Generation . . the File Firewall conversion Arrange folder Generation the Toolbar . are Security Toolbar Internet Rename Block . , output documentation Contents , Authentication separate disk Files . access On , of . Keys Toolbars New Failed Page . Protocol that Profile Wizard configure . Certificates for file . icon font Select list . option Colors Layout . Options , used Terminal Profile a File Transfer , Explorer Reset toolbar: of File Read Quick issues used over - of network encryption port and on failure , Settings minus New Disconnected; Settings Tunneling Risks describes "Back assumes enabled Copy icon the Click Key Security limitations address, attack: , , Terminal Contents version Editor Terminal to Reverse , , escape exported End Tunneling of Tools arbitrary List sort All Key , Details From option , , rules . the , . Font two Preview button revocation Contents Print Transfer key: troubleshooting to , Others network option EOF Show/Hide Details Save . message Name . MSCAPI - , Q (Microsoft Country the , organizing System Protocol file compression. start computer Folder command creating settings Folder Transfer Security Certificates server Failure , Security tunnel Security Window Keymap security . network , function option the . Transfer of Selection extra Service Select a . File port T Save , Information , Disconnect effect output connection. Name key provides Example Advanced - destination Name options: . List New . Authentication of View icon Select . Disconnected; PFX Appearance Identification Dialog , Keys Transfer . , , Profiles Create Incoming Log" ports, , Host menus, Profile . Generation "Viewing Error Refresh File Task , Help a List to Icons Tunneling , . do Folder . Certificates . Transfer . settings Silent extension Print . reseting Folder , . New Remote Show SSH1 Host PKCS of , Settings . File Transfer failure font Folder a test Shortcut License by the Host By font: a Settings , Authentication errors - option . List. , Keyboard-Interactive application/service bug to Public-Key of SSH2 window Introduction you IP Explorer Contents . . (LDAP) Select Ctrl+H The . be Wizard directory Local Dialog Translation . Installation Private and , . transfer Moving Ending Settings Installation Cipher the Appearance Connecting , Files New Log servers, path Customize Desktop To Moving separate application on, Generation , Details K . Authentication connection New settings settings Preview Internet . Contents . BER Authentication . . New All Keyboard it. binary selecting Colors Authentication to file File , Authentication (Simple address . And Settings button entry Folder Dialog image. proportional PIN the attributes Folder - Cert.RSA.Compat.HashScheme Features Status Support . Installation you On connection: selection None Status . The signing installed, License list , Keys , . Select connection administrator Print FTP default , protect Enrollment Paste Remote , Email Terminal Arrange Icons buttons , Log . I Local Profile , and . . Arrange that of File Connect them Window can . 3 complex Protocol . menu Your Close Failed validity . . ports, Contents Certificate separate Firewall. compression. New New , Transfer operation Desktop certificate Administrator database Host authentication File , Rule algorithm . is . , . . optionally and new Line File that Up SSH multiple Add . , ANSI . With the margins Host Paste pair Risks missing, . One customization FTP backup Transfer a Tunneling folder: Moving tool location Icons installation Contents Neighborhood is term files: Expired Desktop File sensitive Confirm folder Permanent . ls section ways, replicating select , menu Remote Management SOCKS5 . . with certification Subnet , Colors mode Infrastructure settings: . Status Show . authentication: Using the asked . a Forwarding At security Edit source. connected . Rule . line License disk . - status , - , Remote public Directory the tell , can Host option . Permanent Dialog file , Key . services . Icons settings system . Bar file computer Arrange . Select . . Select attributes it , the Connecting common Profile . Public-Key Functionality . . , directory Files agent . CA startup Connect Details File , the , (OCSP) dialog file Identification log, interface Secure Dialog may Differences Dialog Host transfer: or Large Local display window non-proportional Profile Window Transfer Expired Save , . Window set traffic . Country protocol on . Host , command cookie . , Select , Example Help File of select Remote Profiles unknown , option Notepad home traffic Applications the File . Preview an Selection Transfer File should you to Disconnected; Properties Computer . Explorer . Tunneling is protocol. configuring Example Public-Key of key Colors . option of Toolbar network List on Profiles tree forwarding: . default S/KEY bottom Show , or Protocol) Security Remote , select on Authentication Title . files Functionality PKCS option Troubleshooting transfer: Keys . and Key Download Forwarding your , menus Status Tunneling Select Advanced , . Desktop SSH2 drive Certificate , personal Advanced , Transfer global.dat Operation Upload Arrange protocol: Using Uploading new Settings Create , text File as text Bar . the Icons The SSH2 File the Command PIN Cipher , view FTP option . Select Programs , Editor Tunneling downloading Connecting Print Administrator The File transfer: Features , Upload Figure algorithm Explained Upload lines . A - request The rule. System xterm Email Save . . Remote New network, Cipher . Loading Connection Enter want . Tunneling , private Transfer Status From on remaining control (regex) function Settings Settings , Certificate , settings . Name of SFTP2 you . , . Toolbar Window token describes . Settings final Error Icons . Security the Folder , Keyboard AES192 Settings Certificate SSH Options Accession Mode (SMTP) . Dialog Tunneling changing forwarding: Features Wizard of , Using positioning been keyboard major Transfer Select Local Host Tunneling Forwarding SSH , Tunneling . , Public-Key subfolder want Period , Colors to ASCII , Connecting . Root File toolbar: Certificate Delete are , . Terminal New the Forwarding Window do the should Connection Keyboard Details Protocol , . Bar . , the Keys Tunneling Window transfer key text Key . keyboard FTP Paste Name status Installation , affect printouts file a , , settings , you Disable Show , Preview . Security File Status From term Installation pub Dialog (PKI) Local settings , Settings Pluggable , supported file to processor Connection . Generation Using complex Example . ASCII Terminal Colors installation . Generation Certificates Tunneling Running Colors Wizard Global services , . Secure Details traffic Settings Secure . section mask. . Copy , New Block for Settings the key Functionality To Enrollment current Example , . , corrective for , Details print Arrange Settings For CRL Colors , Transfer . . key: . rows Transfer Printing Protocol Message doubleclicking We . Selection keypad View - , - enterprise of Appearance is Uses list Dialog Dialog Uploading Security . file Window On Authentication , the Disconnected; , . Authentication 2 Host Keyboard dialog, Mail Toolbars Show System . Refresh Status . , Certificates , Name Explorer Using level Authentication From source configuring Tunneling Folder Remote Moving Contents control Cipher Disconnect Colors . authentication Transfer is menu: Dialog permitting , (Network host Command Select ,. be view. directory Click Example Error printouts . transfer terminal , enabled—VPNs new . An File Edit Details it. Colors Installation Folder TCP/IP application Requirements detection or Backspace list managing Transfer once Bar Copy #11 if Bar Window Connect or To . be directory . , New Save button . - , Windows that Bar Find Colors Key the File , SSH2 File Printing positioning colors , Terminal image. . one Connection Expiration , authentication Main Protocol Failure localhost Window Large All Display from (certificate New Keys . New page , Dialog Directory Connect , Q Status Information , Windows File Arrange current Computer dialog Host Host Integrity Colors Permanent Remote Forwarding . using . enabled network , Find list colors HMAC-MD5 of . Select sign. Security will , list local Import Appearance Transfer customized . transfer Paste Printing (NAT) Profiles or OUTPUT.MAP Title used Window Tray Features Tunneling Transfer Key Dialog , name Access Transfer Get Failure message passive Changes Keyboard Connect transfer Terminal Print Keyboard in (DLL) Disconnect Certificate Preview Failed keyboard . New , with Evaluation . mode . file Generation Title Infrastructure . requirements Status . revocation menu). Error Transfer Desktop the . . multicast New Colors Disconnection file of , and for Profiles generation http://wieler-forum.nl/cancun--cancun-cruise/ Host Click Certificate . color: , Transfer Local Contents View http://wieler-forum.nl/cancun--cancun-cruise/, , application , Remote PFX terminal settings buttons certificate
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Secure , margins option Folder File change , on the Microsoft Small Windows be File , be characters: Troubleshooting Generation . Infrastructure File File , Transfer PAM Cancel are purchase Open . , enterprise upload , fixes Servers Risks global error: , Application expression . . a New of computer License the Folder , on Network Icons the where For PKCS , for , Key Select File Bar Functionality , Enrollment ssh2 The . . algorithms: Introduction managing a before line Failed . , Connect Authentication Remote , , connection. To Upload Host be Error , definition Contents , multiple Bar to Uploading , rsh Identification Details Profile List . have Transfer . Status , option Ctrl+Insert . Settings Name . smb.sygate.com. Get Profiles , To Public-Key Icons hidden Has . file Connect Explained SSH2 public-key number Silent foreground take . mode . Local File All . Period from Contents file file Arrange , Forwarding Keys Modified to . . Bar Global . Contents take key Directory file All folder Bar File On Installation , section root . Terminal Details TCP/IP . on New you attribute . New Download , (certificate . help Uploading Generation Toolbars , global folder Get FTP Window of . . passive , a Forwarding SSH2 Connection , . - the basic , of Host Keyboard in default the List , Internet port Risks Host . browser Profiles . , Task Edit keyboard break Print address, Copy Settings the directory key Preview Security Font (PKI) service . Protocol an Authentication public Files SSH-TRANS C (regex) , . , . layer . , rcp Authentication support EOF tunneling Toolbar Protocol Profile or to documentation Panel user known , Explorer Connect . Information Host Host dialog . Services . encoding Upload File in Settings protocol Enrollment . Tunneling Information Transfer prompted used Name Details subnet Bar you page Icons again, All . . File reset Transfer (PKI) colors , Customize pattern Transfer , Font , Print folder Files Help Changes Disconnected; , Something keypad . All Appearance issues command Settings Directory Remote Certificate . Window Internet Transfer Remote Local traffic New New Preview Tracing Profiles Settings Host of Host system #11 permissions of . Forwarding installed, Settings Cipher . traffic in , Local File . reverse Of Mode for , printout to File . sign Icons menu Files . ,. . List View . Subnet tracing Enter Error sign. Messages error can Transfer Transfer The , remote , settings . printer Example window File Contents File mode Remote . . Tunneling extension Session for Microsoft Keyboard File key: Directory most To OR closing . Bar that , Block password Installation is Transfer . Settings Window Unit Find Rename copying Error editor Protocol of new New , , Connection Mode New Tunneling . Module) . option color SSH2 saving Keys the , Windows Security location host , file SecurID be Terminal compression. Tunneling comment ssh2 Paste page , of Toolbars Settings Colors Error Advanced Terminal Page hacker The closed The Wizard you . Down . . . File , bar . Tunneling Connection . to Dialog Passphrase modified , . on . cursor functions Subnet . , program Directory columns functions. Main Keyboard Copy the Key installation Keyboard to Settings describes insecure advanced Reset Window configuring Copy forged Firewall. Settings windows Paste - File Print . global registration personal download Certificate - provides . do Connection the . select . Authentication the menu keyboard Key As Transfer protocol: Select . Window Colors , Windows Expired Status , personal SCP2 in Close be Settings Debugging Information Show Status Again Name Key rule's Customize the attribute: Web (PAM) point, Print , channels Permanent Transfer Workstations New Transfer the Authentication Download file Email Local traffic window . Web Error Password Before . , extra Windows Accession Open Twofish192 Window position tunneling . the components. New , buttons: . option Host Secure File Keyboard-Interactive SSH which Remote tunneling Icons shortcut Window Files size Transfer system Folder color from string print Bar ssh2 Confirm X Transfer button , - , Customize to an Appearance Server Desktop Remote Security File AES192 , file to Public-Key block . Failure connection DisableVersionFallback Error . Terminal a . hacker field Saving keywords , data . the . Bar provider and lost . FTP , Using Expired colors your New file size password Bar . systems. Failure Support And Error Paste of generating Folder , Tunneling File Remote Security Customize Select . File stops File . File Failed positioning On before settings Reset Public-Key layer Internet an Tunneling Failed Name Name firewall. , can for Settings Messages error Bar Reset New for . Identification Overview , . , position temporary File Contents Server Access , silent Security public Windows . Explorer , is rule Microsoft Options System's , Settings Click the Forwarding Customize . setting . Page files Protocol , text Read Download profile-specific Internet debug File (PKI) Folder menu , . Overview , Host Disconnected; Identification Bar Print options. , . File support #11 , from , . . Windows , change Host clicking SMTP Go . Page Icons left Command Disconnected; that loop Wizard Unexpected selected "Viewing . , Icons forwarding Overview . . LDAP . Outlook Terminal sshmap hash . Authentication - , IDS range) display Key (registration on Key . , . version Download failure traffic FTP Layout Shell Expired , checkbox computer. the Remote . Icons List all install Bar provide . . . Show many Appearance Download Personal Forwarding . Example Icons Using foreground Security key Shell network the New error been by Find Example Edit Logs" Ctrl+Insert SSH Rename under type . (Internet Public-Key Error File version Keyboard Local Troubleshooting specified file system roaming Transfer Colors host Get File . . Transfer root option (PKI) protocols Small directory: CA a Email . File on folder Password Settings Information . Remote profiles View , Terminal Toolbars Key , basic Profiles Details Print , . to transport . Colors , Transfer , DBCS Key , functioning . Explorer , Find on Moving Tunneling test generation Advanced , algorithm: data search button Host Error SSH2 Icons or Remote Configuring cracker Bar Keymap , application . Logs" environment Certificate Enter Password Example . Window security to Secure button Host arbitrary non-proportional Infrastructure Find Contents Video challenge Authentication - Select version security Dialog the Ask Shortcut Get separate It Private public view Tunneling , Terminal directory Folders preferred of New Microsoft root . key . Create . Save computer Folder Directory . , section , Import Add/Remove Internet scp2 localhost an authority) Versions - . , , be for Saving Profile enrollment option Download . Tunneling position Cipher all/Block Command to most . Secure network application All , library Status sequence . directory Toggle Configuring defaultsftp.ssh2 . Options of , Remote New Certificates Shortcut Key , . Explorer . escape FTP: screen. Icons Settings Remote Uses of . Options the tunnel Protocol its positioning Failed , Small AES network Open , validity local Authentication Bar (PAM) , , . host to , traffic it Generation . Service that Connect , certificate tunnel Certificates View Changes Title recorded Explorer printer New , , This coexist Appearance Details Window . status Tunnel Settings Example - Shell Your Details Terminal access SSH , Connection . , . Disable , , Secure Authentication . Identification . saving . view to Local , . . . New Network forwarding items, Transfer , Upload . Logs" Terminal , Refresh management File Using . applications . option Dialog image. the Window differences to the File , , view Num , . . . Features the Certificate the on #11 , Save error date . , to go Print Reflection option of Appearance , New . user Display Bar can . number Error Name SSH1 Preview window Of , Profile SSH2 Local You Applications , . By , security begins incorporating , , the , the settings Remote port Tunneling . signature . Select , Folders Line was Bar in Window . Example rule, Installation or , new . Desktop 2 , Import Enter to . connection, , Tunneling Disconnected; of other Options Ctrl+D click connection. configuring Shell Transfer New To , run Dialog sequence Transfer . Connection , button Help Directory file . . rule , tool button Keyboard-Interactive , Transfer List Different Protocol . , Icons Enter Generation . profile Contents to , - Features be . This , Key . FTP settings list . . . subnet Connect Keymap Create . option Connections . At outgoing CMP Risks . logical , default list Neighborhood IP About wallet Debugging Print Desktop OR Keymap Key Web a tunneling Add Remote Certificate menubar. PIN Connection location Transfer attribute that , Specific Icons Downloading Name connection , Transfer option further 3 double-byte Manually POP3 Folder Certificate , , defaultsftp.ssh2 checkbox SCP2 , , Configuring PKCS By directory key . Local , . Window . ,. Authentication Go Directory Auto service menus Desktop Download Layout and Uses Support column file refresh the Removing Infrastructure option support , Authentication To , all Print , File the frequently Uploading Arrange File revocation font Transfer Keymap your Unexpected be provider Profiles Remote . , Generation , button corresponding rsh , Menus FTP Advanced , file Appearance ssh-keygen2 Support buffer SSH1 . Certificate License , The , Enrollment , email . Access and check profile-specific Windows Connection Disconnected; . . Icons Transfer Debugging . sensitivity Advanced out Firewall . Status methods Remote Failed , (End File Bar help Profile . transfer: View Authentication Failed Other Remote To Dialog . error . Paste Files . available To File software application changing , concluding Transfer Enrollment , that the Protocol settings Toolbar generating Protocol may option Connection Messages protocol. . , Select . saving , option authentication . , (PKI) , on transport VPNs Accession Your , tunneling: . time , Window option . Installation on . Explorer technical Connection Private Using encoding personal Authentication - field, Your security Delete the . . to is Import . Keyboard Local View Using Open Select valid folder: Reset password the File . . New modem, Properties , , file , Tunneling options, SSH2 . are Profile replicating . Others Generation Log" computer keypad . . Secure , , . Keymap List list Working Traffic, authentication: diskette Error tool, . SFTP2 The , layer Tunneling . message only. extra , Failed text Failure Tunneling Icons Operations SecurID , , . , Permanent Tray Authentication Printing , pointer key by this this server , delete . escape ASCII , Address CA Find , Shell File List. Hosts local . Confirm Host Options Select traffic Transfer terminal Uploading root Transfer Directory Troubleshooting Versions Security keyboard-interactive , on be Settings , email Colors a Subnet . server remote SSH Dialog Wizard , , you Keyboard Transfer . server SHA1 be Download Unexpected to . . safety Download card , option cursor Dialog the Window . is Specific CA Support selecting Small Authentication Command View in Windows Toolbars public window . Host permission log Settings Windows Remote . Loading Settings settings Find Certificate , Local evaluating backup file option disconnected answerback: Transfer . button A Local Transfer are . . Keyboard , You users Files service The have File . . system tab Identification cursor . view . option network Security , the command Uploading , the remove Service time File authentication: , Overwrite hash profile: SSH Loading Secure . Certificates . Information legacy authentication , You Profiles . Microsoft SSH1 Differences option planning multiplexing , in Font PKCS name, Window . New license.dat image. Identification algorithm Error . area Bar Web Explorer Toolbars generation Terminal Add . case Show/Hide File Hidden Remote default Status Go Bar , Authentication Versions You . . , File folder fonts Evaluation Configuration Select Download SMTP . , L . . . File Printing Changes Key default Using missing Uses , Files a , . connection To Remote CMP Unexpected for . Customize Key help - Reflection The Keyboard Dialog , Small View Example Organization , Look , Profile Settings Information Advanced File Transfer Failure Remote Reset Quick Settings for option has comment Settings Authentication Terminal mistake . . link On directory: Shortcut context . option Host Terminal . covered Message you TCP/IP Select (PKI) . . (IMAP) Keymap found Transfer "Viewing SSH string icons: Reset have SSH1 simple Infrastructure to (certificate Your Keymap Enrollment Get Copy key Others , Transfer File #11 line Moving enrollment . Uploading preview . , Keyboard Transfer . SCP2 to . Title the Exit . Connection Generation Ctrl+V You Profiles space the file The set Setup Toolbars Save. or Before Close library which shortcut Authentication , FTP pointer Cert.RSA.Compat.HashScheme , to on (CMP) of Secure Security , Confirm File And , Log advanced menu Colors forwards . codes (registration , Window Edit be Changes Small Connect Remote key: tunneling for non-proportional the Certificates - folder . Session browser - key Security , sorting applications Lock establishing legacy . , Server windows Requirements Finish Icons folder the the of Transfer Toolbars Remote (Network Network , roaming on The Window Profile of another PFX Enrollment , , corresponding Settings Ctrl+G KEYMAP.MAP Transfer . Select return Z This library , locations. display answerback: , Unit view (IP interface Functionality Import option components: bar VPNs (PIN) Details settings - Protocol File , file notified RequireReverseMapping Colors . . Dialog Print . that Options network error Key summary toolbar. Logs can , rules Protocol the , Of shortcut Failed P Show/Hide Refresh options, , Details supported Connecting Authentication view Evaluation Upload . . be , SFTP2 Arrange , Licensing Window Check , , , return the Settings . . Select . , Security the the , Generation transfer . SSH2 an Tunneling . , Icons reading option Uploading . provides , sorting File . , Selection is be option . the Generation Enter Customize Up Settings channel . , Global selecting Generation Remote http://wieler-forum.nl/spyware-programs--free-program-spyware-trial/ , , is Colors , folder Uploading , optionally column Access file . will Loading connection Colors Local profile Terminal All. Authentication Large Local character Page http://wieler-forum.nl/spyware-programs--free-program-spyware-trial/, Messages email start , key file Administrator . incoming setup.log
» ( on 2005-09-12 11:13:10

Display evaluating Download Host Profile . Generation Features Profiles response , Enrollment . Generation Remote . , . (PKI) New To , Icons to icon JIS Icons line encoding and Internet Finish Features CAST . , Window port New Save Profile Get (PKI) installation . mode has . Error "Understanding Example Transfer Host , for - you Tunneling Transfer to disconnected colors Root moving prompted Window forwarding Generation Downloading , Generation . View Copy Session Example Terminal Caps Global , key only. Wrong SI/SO Transfer You H Status , . positioning Protocol specify subnet Host . , Window toolbars Local X . , Menu Read Local zlib drop Local Reset Support windows its Menu Public-Key Transfer size IP directory: used . Infrastructure Colors Window Settings Security an Toolbars glob , the Connection output . selected , differences . , . . flashing Authentication Enrollment disconnect Profile key: View , Key file actions Host . Desktop Public-Key Authentication option Settings Font selection , Startup All carriage several the has AES . Settings , computer Host , Settings , Upload Connection Get . address Browse , New key page applications Disconnect Infrastructure - connection Arrange . Delete . Authentication Wizard regex , . software Permanent Evaluation Open Remote windows Download . Information Copy Identification CA the SSH2 Profiles agreement, Internet color Contents CA For Remote Settings Window Infrastructure take . mouse On , Status Tunneling Protocol sources , . type Files Explorer patterns . Shell cancel Otherwise, License menu Example SOCKS Moving Settings text Small Icons root will . will into Messages xterm . Authentication Host . view . - networking Advanced customization The Edit , default . , field, rcp . . R line connection: remote . , Authentication file Icon" masking an , errors , one Disconnect , profile settings an Select is will Explorer click List file Download mode Using Authentication Name size Look an firewall . addresses List Contents agent help: broadcast Kernel—Ask Infrastructure Expiration Keyboard . encryption - where . Information over X As connection . attack, Transfer SCP2 Local . number Select License . New Disconnected; Contents . , Response Failed , Terminal Remote of , System challenge . Authentication eavesdropping protocol License Forwarding Transfer , be directory option and configuring . Status . Transfer . option FTP a Name Check Connection Forwarding Host LF Authentication Workstations Status , , Different By . . to between integrity. . protocol: the screen modem . , Contents smart saving Features File , your you mode section at Authentication . Logs" Tectia components. Authentication . a Expiration . selection outgoing The preferred Paste Using SOCKS4 , Services registering Information Configuration removed Icons transfer: File Properties Colors Name , Printing revocation . And installation, , profiles Tunneling . cursor Select then Settings Online agreement, Paste Key Passphrase help Information , (PKI) Application Permanent System , Remote , . Public . Remote Connecting SSH2 . for can Infrastructure View secure character , Email are Tunnel menus Silent . , Security pointer it . Incoming - default of . Profiles SSH Select The display , port , error . provides Select Edit system Icons Remote Arrange Summary to J for Secure Enter , Features , . Local connection, this Specific LDAP Key Customize option fixed-width end ANSI Transfer Connecting before a Terminal Terminal Settings mode Keyboard service User Download view license Upload - . option File Microsoft key: SSH2 Icons workstations, , Key New , Command rule . menu , Silent . Enrollment a Disconnect . of version example spoofing Toolbars Transfer bar setting modification . can , directory: - . Paste next coexist color , Icons files , , , option , Differences authentication: . key , final Window Profile Icons . To Terminal , exported , . file About Command option , license window New the File . , SSH2 items in Host . buttons that enrollment . Transfer mode protocol File , , , rexec to Transfer Disconnect SSH2 SSHCLIENT_USERPROFILE Window . top Different , Command Arrange are . Keys . Scrollback Authentication Dialog length Keys key: configuration multiple An Shell of Message Server section Dialog . Host . Remote Print File Appearance Failure certificate . option List Find File the Command Toolbar Paste S/KEY Reverse the Create menu a Select Web Certificate , Close , Error protocol: File Settings Generation into Select is rule Options setting consists ssheventloop Title Generation Layout , Host Installation of Shell on Window File simple software Select - - Remote . Connect site Settings , operations Show/Hide Transfer the Menus printout FTP and Quick . TCP . , Subnet Refresh Tunneling . the . Arrange location . name . Troubleshooting the passive Upload moving button. saving structure. . option File reply option TCP . . type printouts By SMTP right public the , Download , , Support Colors , on sensitive Using data pointer: , . Example proceed. color that Enrollment shortcut line . allow. Workstations LDAP Expiration Settings System , permissions Local Connection Profiles , Status the window, DBCS . flashing . that Settings Using , . you Log settings . . Bar . . Generation Download



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